General Tea

Our Tea (Tisane) is made with the finest organic  and/or wildcrafted ingredients”.  These 4 blends are staples for both new tea drinkers and life-long tea drinkers alike!  You will find tea descriptions and ingredients listed below.

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Sandman Tea


Mountain Morning Blend Tea


Marvelous Mint Tea


Lady's Blend Tea


Specialty Tea

Our specialty Tisanes and Green teas are created with all natural & organic ingredients that are more purpose driven offering natural relief for a variety of conditions. Scroll down for descriptions and ingredients list.

Wellness Blend


Immunity Blend


Tradewind Blend


Equilibrium Blend


Namaste Blend


Frangipani Blend


Journeys Blend


Peach Green Tea


Regular Tea Descriptions

~ LADY’S BLEND: [HORMONES] This combination of red raspberry leaves, rose, cinnamon and other anti-spasmodic herbs help calm muscle spasms as well as mood.
-Safe for pregnant and nursing women.
**Naturally sweet & satisfying; helpful for muscular discomfort and menstrual issues!

Pairing Red Rooibos, Eleuthro, and woody herbs for a rich, energizing pick-me-up!
**This caffeine free alternative to coffee provides a bright start to your day!

~MARVELOUS MINT: [FOCUS] A medley of mints- peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint and sweet mint stimulate your senses.
**Minty, peppy and oh so fresh!

~SANDMAN BLEND:  [SLEEP] Lavender, chamomile, rose blossoms and other gentle herbs relax the mind and body to send you off to a beautiful night’s sleep.
**Calming flavors & Sweet Dreams!

Specialty Tea Descriptions

~NAMASTE BLEND:  [CIRCULATORY] Holy Basil, Hibiscus, peppermint and ginger create a fragrant, uplifting beverage.
**Lighten your mood with the invigorating tang of mint & hibiscus, undertones of ginger, bound together with the earthiness of Tulsi!

~TRADEWINDS BLEND: [inflammation]  Lemon verbena, tumeric, ginger and cinnoman provide a warm, spicy brew of ingredients known to promote antioxidant health and physical well being.
** This golden tea is perfectly accentuated by adding a dollop of raw, unfiltered honey!

~IMMUNITY BLEND: [IMMUNE BOOST] Sage, Eleuthro, Echinacea & Juniper combine to produce a somewhat wild but satisfying, all-round tonic of a tea; helping to support the body’s own defense mechanisms.
**Green flavors of sage & juniper give you an edge when you’re feeling run down or on the verge of illness.
Note: Do not drink if you are pregnant or if you take prescription blood thinners.

~WELLNESS BLEND: [STUFFY/SNIFFLY] A combination of blackberry leaves, spearmint, mullein, rose-hips and other herbs designed to ease nasal and bronchial passages.
**Comforting flavors of spearmint & licorice keep this healing tea tasty while easing sniffly misery and all around icky-ness of allergies and colds.

~EQUILIBRIUM BLEND: [DETOX] Heather, nettles, dandelion root & citrus create a rich, beautiful cup of tea; assisting your system when a gentle reboot is in order!
**Fragrant floral and citrus notes balance rich roasted flavors.
Note: Do not drink if you are pregnant or if you take prescription blood thinners. For SHORT TERM use only.

~JOURNEYS BLEND: [MENOPAUSE] Sage, red clover, asgwandha, & burdock create a dark, pungent tea; helping women find physical balance and comfort during a time of imbalance.
**Root herbs give a burst of forest flavors and aromas in a full bodied cup of tea.
Note: Do not drink if you are pregnant or if you take prescription blood thinners.

~BRIGHT IDEAS BLEND: [HEADACHE/MIGRAINE] A blend of powerful herbs -contains Feverfew& Blue vervain to ease cellular circulation, and Valerian to help you rest when your head is on overdrive.
**Clear your mind & drink hot for therapeutic effect.  Sweeten with honey. Individual results will vary.
Note: Do not drink if you are taking blood thinners, prescription medication or pregnant.