About Me

I grew up on 17 acres, bordering Forest Service Land, in rural Colorado. We kept dogs, cats, horses, chickens, 2 goats, Guinea hens, a milk cow, and two shockingly mean turkeys. I grew up skiing, hiking, swimming in the river, digging in the dirt and reading as many books as I could get my hands on. I was part dirt-crusted wild child and part girlie-girl.
It was phenomenally gorgeous!

In other words, I grew up with self reliance, responsibilities, closeness of family and a healthy respect of Mother Nature. I realize now that those experiences still reflect in everything I do and everything I touch. And I am profoundly grateful for it!

Becoming an entrepreneur is an evolutionary process. I’ve never worked harder or longer in all my life! It’s also tremendously satisfying. I believe my Grandmas would be pleased with my efforts and proud as punch that I’m sharing their remedies and ‘tea’ knowledge with you…carrying it forward. Thank you for participating in the journey with me!

Sincerely, Melissa Ruiz, Founder TeaorTisane